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The no-condom condom


Let’s be honest: only few men like to wear a condom. Most condoms are either too tight or too big which destroys the mood and ruins those precious moments of intimacy and lust – or even stops some to use them alltogether. Therefore, we have developed MISTER SIZE condoms. The range covers 7 different sizes so we can make sure every man finds his perfect condom. It is ultra thin (only 0,05 mm) so you will not feel the condom but what counts most: your partner. It takes the sex life of our customers to a whole new level.

With MISTER SIZE, you do not only expand your online shop by adding one more condom. You expand your online shop with the perfect condom! And to make sure you increase your sales and returns, we support you with high-end marketing materials for your online shop and social media channels.

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